The SEICO (Secured & Ensured ICO - ICO 3.0) is ICO's most revolutionary breakthrough, ensuring the benefits to investors in the face of dramatic market changes.

SEICO is an ICO that combines two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO. While Secured ICO mitigates investment risk, Ensured ICO increases its margins further.


To find out, we will first analyze the investment issue of investors. They will think of investing in top Coins as BTC, ETH or ICO project they are paying attention to achieve higher profits. SEICO will solve this problem thoroughly for investors.


What is Secured ICO?

Secured ICO is ICO secured by the ICO right of purchase , just prepay part of the value of the ICO package purchased and track the progress of the project. When the Tokens of the project increase in price, the investor can pay the rest to receive the Token with the original ICO price. For example, Sarah uses $ 500 to buy 10,000 Secured ICO packages worth $ 1,000. First, Sarah will receive 5,000 Token. Then Token prices increased several times on the floor, Sarah can still use $ 500 to buy the remaining 5,000 Token to sell and to enjoy the difference. If she feel the ICO is out of reach, Sarah can stop investing without being bound by any conditions.

What is Ensured ICO?

Ensured ICO is the ICO guaranteed by the value of the payment currency. Usually BTC or ETH. If after purchase Token, BTC / ETH continue to increase value, while the project is still in the development stage. Investors will be reimbursed the difference from the purchase price. This is the biggest advantage for Ensured ICO safety to invest more than other conventional ICO many times. For Example: John invested for Ensured-ICO 1 ETH at 1 ETH = 500 USDT. When ETH raises the price to 800 dollars, John will be able to get a refund of 300 USDT depending on the time John decided. As such, John still has his Token Investment with ETH's profits. In case, ETH reduced to 400 USDT. John is still worth the investment of 500 USD, no damage at all.

SEICO Special Features.

SEICO is a big breakthrough and comprehensive revolution of the ICO with superior advantages compared to the common ICO. The combination of two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO with outstanding profits allows investors to have many options and create effective working pressure on the development team. When creating double profits for investors when they have the opportunity to increase their assets through ICO and will not miss the market trend through BTC / ETH.

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